Pipe installation details


Pipeline Installation Tutorial Video

Pipe connection principle

1.Steel mesh skeleton plastic (polyethylene) composite pipes with a fused connection pipe connection button flange connections in two ways. Electric melt connection is will composite tube bearing plug to electric melt fittings in the, on pre buried in fittings within surface of electric silk died electric makes its fever. first makes fittings within surface melting and produced melt body, melt body expansion ice full pipe fittings of clearance, until pipe appearance surface also produced melt body. two species melt body mutual melting in together, cooling forming Hou, pipe and fittings close connection for one. 

2.Characteristics of pipe connection
Electric hot-melt welding construction is convenient, quickly, to entire pipeline after the pipe fitting socket Assembly, uniform welds. 
Weld reliability is good. Compared with other connection methods, better strength and tightness. 
Made for different brands, different melt flow rate of HDPE raw material in the production of pipes and fittings, connection.

Fused link method:


Flange link method: